NRNA Covid-19 Response


NRNA COVID-19 Response to Migrant Workers-Relief and Repatriation 


Due to Covid-19, the Nepali migrant are facing multiple problems at the destination countries and particularly the undocumented migrants are the most vulnerable compare to the migrant workers who are at legal work permit at the destinations. In order to address the multiple needs of the migrant workers at this difficult situation; NRNA- (relief and repatriation program) was planned to provide support to address the multiple immediate need of the vulnerable Nepali migrant workers at major destination countries in Middle East, Malaysia as well as country of origin. The program has been implemented in close coordination with the concerned Nepal Embassies and other relevant stakeholders at different level.  

Long term effect of the COVID 19 on the employment is now more visible and some of the company are shutting down. So, currently migrant who lost the job, were unwell or could not stay in the destination due to other reasons are being repatriated and being provided the other kind of support as per their need in the destination and country of origin.  


  • The overall objective of the program is to strengthen capacity for sustainable support mechanisms for the benefits of vulnerable Nepali migrant workers.  
  • The specific objectives are; 
  • To provide complementary support for the Nepali Embassies at destination countries to increase the access to service on relief and repatriation. 
  • To enhance the institutional capacity of NRNA for the provisions of sustainable support mechanism to the Nepali migrant workers through outreach services (for e.g. help desk) at destinations.  
  • To increase the capacity on access to service for returnee migrant workers at country of origin for safe passage to reach home. 

Operation Methodology 

Field Coordinators, Volunteers and NCC members from destination countries gets request from migrants in respective country and some cases are referred by Embassy as well. They are supported as per their need (detention fee, PCR, Counselling, Job placement, and ticketing process; tickets are arranged by KTM office). Proper Screening is carried out by the team there in destination countries before making a request for support to the KTM office.  

In country of origin, they are received by Project Volunteer in the Airport. They are then supported for quarantine (if they are not vaccinated) and cost for local transportation and one time meal is provided through NRNA COVID-19 Response to Migrant Workers-Relief and Repatriation. 

As of, October 2021, 24,984 migrant workers have been reached out. Out of which, 24,383 migrants have been supported by the project.  

Among them, 23,329 are male and 1655 female migrant workers were reached out. The project has reached out to the migrant workers with various types of support. This includes food/accommodation, counseling so as to overcome their stress, documentation support and networking with the related embassy, company, manpower, etc., PCR support, transportation support (including in Nepal), and also help them find new jobs. In overall, out of 20,619 supported migrant workers, 3387 are provided with food and accommodations.  



October 2021 progress report of the project shows that 6807 migrant workers have been supported by the project in Qatar. Out of them, 494 are provided with food and accommodations, 101 are helped to find out new jobs and 4125 are provided support through helpdesks in their passport renewal.  



October 2021 progress report of the project shows that 4080 migrant workers have been supported by the project in Malaysia. Out of them, 1127 are provided with food and accommodations, 42 are helped to find out new jobs whereas 1594 are counseled to overcome their stress and look out for their further plan. Its graphical presentation is presented below. 


Saudi Arabia  

October 2021 progress report of the project shows that 6202 migrant workers have been supported by the project in Saudi Arabia. Out of them, 465 are provided with food and accommodations, 100 are helped to find out new jobs whereas 3562 are counseled to overcome their stress. 2800 are facilitated to return Nepal through documentation and co-ordination with the concerned bodies (as, Embassy).  



October progress report shows that 3193 migrant workers have been supported by the project in UAE. Out of them, 1262 are provided with food and accommodations, 11 are helped to find out new jobs whereas 2373 are counseled to overcome their stress.  


Support provided to the Nepali migrant workers by NRNA Project Initiatives in Kathmandu 

Among 3926 Nepali migrant workers supported in Kathmandu by Holding Center Assistant till October 2021, 2877 are counseled on the basis of their issues and 1218 are provided with the local transportation support. 143 are supported in hotel quarantine after their arrival in Nepal and 18 with PCR tests for the exit from the respected quarantines.  

Different types of support have been provided to the Nepali migrant workers in other destination countries as well. Specifically, 90, 10, 51, 22 and 2 migrant worker from Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Cambodia and Russia respectively have been supported with food, shelter, air fare, PCR tests and local transportation.  


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1. Report on NRNA-ILO Joint Project Initiatives on COVID-19 Response to Nepali Migrant Workers-Relief and Repatriation Program(August 2020 to August 2021)

August Report NRNA-ILO Joint Project