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15th Europe Regional Meeting 2023

Hotel International Prague, Koulova 15, 16000 Praha 6, Czech Republic
Partnership For Progress
May 5-7, 2023

15th Europe Regional Meeting 2023

The NRNA National Coordination Council (NCC) Czech Republic, on behalf of the European Regional Coordination Council, is pleased to announce the 15th European Regional Meeting (ERM) to be held in Prague from 5th until 7th May 2023 at Hotel International Prague, Koulova 15, 16000 Praha 6, Czech Republic.  We are honored to host this important event and invite you all to the multicultural city of Prague, Czech Republic. ERM is a regular event of the NRNA, providing a platform to present their views and discuss pertinent issues related to Nepal and Nepalese in the Region. The program will help strengthen the connection and co-operation among members to plan to achieve the common goals of all NRNs and unite the Nepalese community in Europe with the world.
On the first day, we will hold a meeting of the NCC, followed by a guided tour of Prague with a visit to the historical sites of the city. On the second and third days, we plan to hold the ERM as a main event. The meeting will primarily focus on identifying issues and concerns through in-depth discussions and will conclude with a proposed action plan and commitment as a way to address the identified issues, while it will be useful for policy advocacy as well as creating a joint partnership for the mission. Special attention to be given to   organizing a regional conference for women, youth and second generation, improving trade and investment in Nepal, promoting culture and tourism, securing better jobs, collaborating on community actions and finding better ways to promote Nepal in the Europe region and the world, etc. More than 400 delegates from all over the world are expected to attend this year’s event. In support of the Government of Nepal’s goal of achieving a prosperous Nepal as well as transforming Nepal from a Least Developed Country (LDC) to a Developing Country (DC) by 2026, the 15th ERM is themed „Partnership for Progress” with NRN’s “all hands together” approach.


Program Venue & Contact Details

Hotel International Prague, Koulova 15, 16000 Praha 6, Czech Republic

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Promocode: NEPAL

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Santosh Bhattarai Regional Coordinator, Europe & Coordinator, 15th ERM

Email: rceurope.santosh@nrna.org
Tel: +49 173 569 4671

Chinta Mani Sapkota Regional Coordinator, Europe & Coordinator, 15th ERM
Email: rceurope.chintamani@nrna.org
Tel: +34683476046

Dr. Chiranjeewee Khadka, ICC member,

 Cz/ Member secretary, 15th ERM

Email: Chiranjeewee@gmail.com

Tel: +420- 603468561

Ing. Yadu Ram Panthi  President, NCC Czech  

Email: cz.president@nrna.org

Ms. Anjila Singh Chhetri Senior Vice President, NCC Czech Republic
Email: dt371970@gmail.com
Tel: +420773932831

Giri Prasad Kandel  General Secretary, NCC Czech

E-mail: carlous.girish49@gmail.com
Tel: +420773025406



Registration Fee

Single Entry
Family (2 Person)
Women, Youth (below 25 yrs)​
Local Registration​

Payment Details

Bank name:                                                 CSOB Bank                          

Bank Account name:                               Non-resident Nepalese

Address, city, ZIP, country:                      Praha, Czech Republic

Bank code:                                                   0300

Bank Account for payment in CZK:        264197425/0300

Bank Account for payment in EUR:       319287242/0300

Swift code:                                                   CEKOCZPP

IBAN:                                                              CZ10 0300 0000 0003 1928 7242

Address :


Non-Resident Nepali Association, NCC CZ

Registration no.: 01987704

Registered address:

Jungmannova 1448/46, 500 02 Hradec Králové
Czech Republic

Sponsor Package and Mileage

The European Regional Meeting (ERM) is a great platform for any business or individual to introduce or present their business to the Nepalese community in Europe. We are seeking partnerships with NCCs, NRNs, Social organizations, Institutions and business houses to support this unique event. Below we have categorized the different sponsorship levels and their benefits.


Sponsor Type

Amount in Euro

Event Partner


Event co-partner


Platinum partner


Diamond Partner






NCC Supporter

Dear NRN colleagues and friends, we sincerely ask you to save the above dates and hope you will do your best to attend this meeting. We will do our best to make your trip as enjoyable, productive and memorable as possible. In addition, we will accompany you on a wonderful tour of Prague and connect you with selected tour companies to arrange before and after the event to ensure you have a great stay. We thank you in advance for your good cooperation and look forward to welcoming you all to Prague, Czech Republic. On behalf of the organizing committee, we ask all European NCCS to support the events including ICC members.

NCC with members count

Expected supports


Euro 500


Euro 1000


Euro 1500

2000 and above

Euro 2000

Our Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

Diamond Sponsors

Gold Sponsors


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