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1st Americas Regional Nepali Health Conference

‘Irving, Texas, United States, May 26-28, 2023’
Over 2500 doctors and over 5500 nurses of Nepali nurses work in the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska), Canada, Carribean, Central America and South America. All these locations are collectively known as Americas region. Further there are several thousand paramedics, lab technicians, pharmacist, Public health professional, health economist and health informatics professional of Nepali origin.

Together, adding all of them, over 15,000 gigantic health force of Nepali origin exist in the Americas region. This is powerful force that make meaningful impact in improving health of nepali people: both in the Americas and in Nepal.

There are several associations, organizations and foundations representing large or small part of this huge health force. They include, but not limited to, ANPA (America Nepali Physician Association), HFN (Health Foundation Nepal), TNMA (Texas Nepali Medical Association), ANMF (America Nepali Medical Foundation), SANN (Society of American Nepali Nurses), USA-NRNA Health Committee, Nepal Nurses of America, Americas NRNA Regional Health Committee.

Additionally there are social and cultural organizations nationally as well as in different states and cities in the United States and in the Americas region that are run by people of Nepali origin that provide health services, in this region and in Nepal, in different form or manner whether it is for prevention, diagnosis or management of disease conditions, building policy and implementing them.

These organizations include Blood Donors of America run by NepalI, Lions Everest Club, Rotary Club, Nepalese in SouthEast Asia (NASeA), Pashupati Cultural and Spiritual Center in Texas, Association of Nepali in Americas (ANA) and several others. These organizations not only provide services to Nepali in Americas but also in Nepal. Besides these services in the Americas they also raise funds for Nepal, sends health team to Nepal and provide support to Nepal province and central government.

Seemingly these organizations could benefit from each other if they could come together in a conference first and then in a network thereafter. This supports each of them tremendously in multiple ways such as in providing best practices and lesson learned, information to each other, sharing information on their services and resource generation and other.

Because of this rationale we are organizing Americas Regional Health Conference in Irving during May 27-28, 2023!
This conference is jointly organized by Global Health Committee of NRNA International Coordinating Committee and Health Committee of NRNA-USA.

Organized by:
Global Health Committee NRNA-ICC
Health Committee-NRNA USA

For information contact:

Our Committee

Organizing Committee

Sanjeev Sapkota, USA
Chair, GHC
Dr. Anuj Kandel
Dr. Prakash Shrestha
Chair, Health Committee, NCC USA
Ms. Anju Kharel, RN
Mr. Thala Raj Pant
Founding President, Lions Club of Dallas
Assoc Professor Dr. Bibha Gautam, USA
Dr. Saroj Niraula, Canada
Dr Khagendra Raj Chapagain, Costa Rica
Ms Manju Sangraula, President Society of American Nepali Nurses
Dr. Laxman Shrestha
Internist, North Carolina
Dr. Kiran Sapkota
Dr. Ramhari Rauniyar Medical officer
Rubee Dev PhD, MPH Assistant Professor, Canada
Dr. Dinesh Dharel, MD Coordinator, NRNA Canada Health and Awareness Sub-committee
Lila Nath Pandey, RN, MPH Public Health Nurse
Dr. Nisha Sharma
Medical Resident, USA


Gouri Joshi
General Secretary, NRNA
Dr. Keshab Paudel
General Secretary, NRNA
Mr. Suneel Sah
NRNA ICC Treasurer
Bimala Sapkota
ICC Women Coordinator, NRNA
Yamuna Bhattarai
Joint Treasurer Women
Mr. Ram C Pokharel
RC Americas, NRNA
Prakash Sapkota
RC Americas, NRNA
Dr Vishnu Upadhyay
Dallas, USA
Dipak Gautam
NCC President, Canada
Buddhi Subedi
NCC President, USA
Mr. Rajendra Wagle
President, Nepali Society of Texas
Dr. Shreedhar Poudel
President, HFN
Dr. Sanjay Yadav
National Institute of Mental Health
Mr. Rajeev Shrestha
NRNA NCC USA Treasurer
Ms. Sita Sapkota
President, Pashupati Spiritual and Cultural Center, Texas
Dr. Binod Sah
New York
Gobinda Shrestha

Sponsorship Package

Conference Sponsorship Category:

Platinum sponsor: USD $1000.00
Gold Sponsor: USD $500.00
Silver Sponsor: USD $250.00
General Sponsor: USD $100.00

Gold Sponsors: $500

Gouri Raj Joshi
General Secretary, NRNA
Mr. Ram C Pokharel
RC Americas, NRNA
Mr. Shankar Khadka
Secretary, NRNA
Ms. Sita Sapkota
President, Pashupati Spiritual and Cultural Center, Texas
Mr. Dilu Parajuli
Dr. Anuj Kandel

Silver Sponsors: $300

Dr. Keshab Paudel
General Secretary, NRNA
Mr. Suneel Sah
NRNA ICC Treasurer
Krishna Jibi Panta
Sr. Vice President
Dr. Krishna Khanal

General Sponsor:

Mr. Rajeev Shrestha
NRNA NCC USA Treasurer
Rewotiraj Adhikari

Event and Program

- 5k Walk & run

Come At 6.30 AM And Gather Infornt Of Curry Leaf, Irving, Texas For A Fun Filled Walk And Run ! You Can Walk, Jog Or Run, Your Choice. Wear White T-Shirty And Put On Walking Shoes And Show Up!