Philippines Press Release – English

Call for Humanitarian Aid for the victims of the Natural Disaster in the Philippines.

The Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) is disheartened to learn about the natural disaster and the loss of human lives caused by the recent typhoon in the Philippines. We have received confirmation from the president of NRNA NCC in the Philippines that they have no information on any Nepali nationals being affected by this tragedy. The super typhoon has devastated 90% of the structures of the Tacloban City in the Central Philippines; which is about an hour and 20 minutes flight from Manila. Miraculously; Manila, where most of the Nepalis reside was spared. Nepalis reside mostly in Manila, Cebu and Baguio Cities and NCC Philippines is not aware of any Nepali residing in the typhoon effected area. The Philippine President has declared a State of Calamity, and NRNA, NCC Philippines, in its own small way, is doing what it can to help in terms of providing clothing, medicines, and basic necessities through its local network. The survivors need everything out there. The scale of this disaster is something I have never witnessed before in the last three decades of my residency in the Philippines informed the president of NRNA NCC Philippines, Sudarshan Khadka. There are thousands of people including women and children left stranded out in the open in desperate need of food, clothing, shelter and medical attention for survival. NRNA requests and encourages all NCCs and NRNs around the globe to help in any way they can by contacting NRNA NCC Philippines at this hour of need. May the soul of the deceased rest in peace and may the Almighty give the courage and strength to the survivors in these hours of difficult times. For more information, please contact NRNA Secretariat at or NRNA Philippines president Sudarshan Khadka at

Shesh Ghale
International Coordination Council,
Non Resident Nepali Association.
November 12, 2013