Youth Report July 7

Office Bearers meeting 7th July 2014

Dear President, Patrons, Advisors, Office bearers, ICC members and NCC Presidents,

Find below the report from Youth Coordinator

Task done

a. e-Meeting was conducted to construct a Youth & sports Task force based on the advises from all Youth Representation from 66 NCCs.

b. Two Group mail are in operation i) One among Youth Representative from 66 NCCs ii) another among Youth & Sports Task Force

c. Youth & Sports Task Force Co-Chair Mr Narayan Gurung has coordinated a sport event

d. Youth Rep from Denmark & Europe Region Youth Coordinator of Sports & Youth Activities has organized an youth Session at 7th European Regional Meeting where they have discussed about various issues including construction of an effective database of knowledge and skills of NRNs to utilize in Nepal, promote youth entrepreneurship in Nepal with the knowledge & skill they own, to bridge 2nd Generation NRNA via various creative activities. Session was chaired by Vice President Bhaban Bhatta & Moderated by Lokraj Sharma with the presence of dignities like Dr Upendra Mahato, Jiba Lamichhane, & other ICC office bearers. Three working paper were presented in the Session by Mr Lokraj sharma, Laxman Sharma & Karen Valentin.

e. Deputy Youth Coordinator has coordinated Mero Nepali Vision Night-2014 in Australia to promote Youth & also coordinated the collection youth activities for newsletter publication,

Future Plan

1. We are planning to call e-Meeting with all Youth Representative from All NCCs

a. to discuss our future campaign/ program

Sincerely -Rajendra Prasad Parajuli,

ICC Youth Coordinator, NRNA ICC