Taskforces And Subcommittees

NRNA Academy(2017-2019)

Sn Name Affiliations Country Email Organizational Email Type
1 Dr. Pramod Dhakal Chair OUTF, Convenor OA, Ex ICC Nepal pdhakal@gmail.com pramod.dhakal@nrna.org Chair
2 Dr. Raju Adhikari Member OUTF, Convenor NSF, Ex Chair SKI, Ex ICC Australia r_adhikari@hotmail.com raju.adhikari@nrna.org Co-Chair & Convener-002
3 Dr. Drona Rasali Co-Chair OUTF, Ex Advisor NRNA, Ex DRC Canada drona.rasali@gmail.com drona.rasali@nrna.org Chief-of-Program
4 Dr. Ambika Adhikari Member OUTF, Chair Disciplinary Committee, Ex RC USA ambika.adhikari@gmail.com ambika.adhikari@nrna.org Chief-of-Planning
5 Kumar Panta Expert Conference-Chair Germany kumarpanta@hotmail.com vp1@nrna.org Chair of Related Program
6 Dr. Hemraj Sharma Advisor, CAARFC-chair UK hem_raj_sharma@hotmail.com hemraj.sharma@nrna.org Technical Lead of Related Program


7 Dr. Partha Mani Parajuli Convenor- Transport Engineering and Management Australia pmparajuli@gmail.com partha.parajuli@nrna.org Convenor-003
8 Tharka Sen Travel and Road Safety: Convenor UK ts7670@gmail.com tharka.sen@nrna.org Convenor-004
9 Fanindra Panta Blood Transfusion System (Technology Transfer): Convenor Netherlands panta_basil@hotmail.com fanindra.panta@nrna.org Convenor-005
10 Dr. Sanjeev Sapkota Health and Hygiene Improvement: Convenor USA yessapkota@gmail.com sanjeev.sapkota@nrna.org Convenor-006
11 Pawal Dhakal Skill Training Centre: Convenor Germany dhakal.pawan@gmail.com pawan.dhakal@nrna.org Convenor-007
12 Khagendra Dhakal Policy Institute: Convenor Thailand dhakal.khagendra@gmail.com khagendra.dhakal@nrna.org Convenor-008
13 Khem Sharma Clean Nepal: Convenor Australia bullet_khem@yahoo.com khem.sharma@nrna.org Convenor-009
14 Prof Basudeb Kafle Centre of Excellence on Disabilities: Convener Nepal basukafle53@yahoo.com basu.kafle@nrna.org Convenor-010
15 Dr. Krishna Bahadur Thapa Center of Excellence in Disablities Nepal mr1krish@yahoo.com krishna.thapa@nrna.org MSecretary-010
16 DB Chhetri Financial Education Project Oman db.chhetri33@gmail.com secretary1@nrna.org Convenor-011
17 Kapil Dev Thapa Open Library and Archieve Japan mpnkapil@yahoo.com kapil.thapa@nrna.org Convenor-010
18 Dr. Devi Basnet Smart City Initiative South Korea basnetdevi@gmail.com devibasnet.tf@nrna.org Convenor-013
19 Dr. Deepak Dhungana Qualification Program in IT Austria deepak.dhungana@gmail.com deepak.dhungana@nrna.org Convenor-014
20 Bimal Kumar Phunyal Mega Research Nepal Nepal bimalkumarphunyal@gmail.com bimal.phunyal@nrna.org Convenor-015
21 Nabin Aryal NRN Journal Initiative Denmark aryalnabin@gmail.com nabin.aryal@nrna.org Convenor-016