NRNA Mobile Blood Bus

One Province, One Mobile Blood Bus Project

                                           “NRNA’s Quality Project for Nepal”



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The Mobile Blood Bus Project is a quality enhancement project initiated by NRNA (Non-Resident Nepali Association) to support efficient blood transfusion services in Nepal. In the previous tenure of 2019-21, two mobile blood buses were handed over to the Bharatpur Regional Blood Transfusion and Dhangadhi Provincial Blood Transfusion Service, which aimed to improve blood management in the Bagamati Province and Sudurpachim Province. For the current tenure of 2021-23, NRNA ICC (International Coordination Council) planned to implement the project in the Koshi Province- Mr. Dipak Gautam(President, NRNA NCC Canada), Madhesh Province- Mr. Suneel Sah (Treasurer, NRNA) and Lumbini Province- Muhmamad Muktada Musalman (President, NRNA NCC Qatar).



The objectives of the Mobile Blood Bus Project are as follows:

    • Increase the accessibility and quality of blood transfusion services.
    • Increase and retain the number of blood donors.
    • Reduce climatic barriers to blood collection and supply.
    • Establish alternative blood banks for use during disaster situations.
    • Generate awareness of the need for mobile blood donation and improve community engagement.



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