Committee 2017-19

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C12S5 Blood Transfusion System (Technology Transfer): Fanindra panta,NCC PP


           NRNA Supported Blood Transfusion Education for Red Cross Officials In Europe As Part of the three years collaboration among NRNA, NRCS CBTS, Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation NL and TBI, which was signed last year in February 2017 in the form of MOU between Nepal Red Cross and NRNA, NRNA NCC Netherlands is organizing a special meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on 15 February 2015. A High level 7 delegation from Nepal Red cross associated with safe blood transfusion will be participating in the meeting. The Redcross team will be visiting a number of European countries in connection of Intensive Education Program. During the week-long intensive educational Program ( TMT), the senior topmost management and a high-level technical team of NRCS are learning the quality system management of blood transfusion system in nationally coordinated blood banking. This is a unique Initiative Of NRNA to transfer diaspora Knowledge and Link with Nepali institutions doing works useful to the Society with the appropriate foreign institution.

            Mr. Phanindra Pant, Convener of the Blood Transfusion Technology Transfer has taken initiative to organize the meeting as well as the entire training program. The transfer of knowledge in Transfusion Medicine in Nepal is taken as a part of work undertaken under NRNA Academy.



Venue: Amsterdam NL,Antwerpen Belgium and Luxemburg

Date: February 10-20, 2018

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